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Vinyl on PVC – Exhibition SPECIAL- Naveen



– Vinyl laminate on 30 mm black Pvc
– Matte finish
– Available for a limited time!

Size: 46 x 30 cm


Printed pvc price: 11,69 €

Money for the project: 18,31€

Total price: 30 €

Product Description


Often people with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia or Developmental Reading Disorders, Language-based Disorders, ADHD or Attention De cit Hyperacti- vity disorders, Autism or Autistic Spectrum disorders are hidden from society.
The people in my pictures have spent practically their entire life locked in this place. It is my goal with this series of photographs to put the focus on them and give them visibility to empower them. I want to show people how special they are!
The Manawala Complex is located in Northern India, about 8km from Amristar, and has accommodation for 200 patients. These include men, women and children with special needs.
Kids with special needs have their own hostel there so, while I was teaching Creative Photography at the deaf school, I decided to spend some time in the house and create a series of portraits in order to show how magnificent these people are.
I used shower curtains with different patterns as background to take the pictures. The association make them with synthetic stuff that some donors gave, and they don’t want to use as bed sheets because is not natural and healthy.
I wanted both the kids and curtains to be in focus in order to show how beautiful it is to work with them and how much happiness they transmit when you look at them or, in this case, when you look at their portraits.

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